The regulatory and modulatory roles of TRP family channels in malignant tumors and relevant therapeutic strategies

Nov. 19, 2021

Transient receptor potential (TRP) channels are one primary type of calcium (Ca2+) permeable channels, and those relevant transmembrane and intracellular TRP channels were previously thought to be mainly associated with the regulation of cardiovascular and neuronal systems. Nowadays, however, accumulating evidence shows that those TRP channels are also responsible for tumorigenesis and progression, inducing tumor invasion and metastasis. However, the overall underlying mechanisms and possible signaling transduction pathways that TRP channels in malignant tumors might still remain elusive. Therefore, in this review, we focus on the linkage between TRP channels and the significant characteristics of tumors such as multi-drug resistance (MDR), metastasis, apoptosis, proliferation, immune surveillance evasion, and the alterations of relevant tumor micro-environment. Moreover, we also have discussed the expression of relevant TRP channels in various forms of cancer and the relevant inhibitors’ efficacy. The chemo-sensitivity of the anti-cancer drugs of various acting mechanisms and the potential clinical applications are also presented. Furthermore, it would be enlightening to provide possible novel therapeutic approaches to counteract malignant tumors regarding the intervention of calcium channels of this type.

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